Sales Fundamentals

*Sales Fundamentals* is a program that teaches participants the essential pieces of a structured, consultative sales approach. In this 18-hour series, we will explore a 7-step process for sales: prepare, build rapport, explore, make the offer, resolve objections, close the sale, and after the sale follow-up/follow-through.
Each step will include discussion and application of specific sales techniques, and communication components necessary to that aspect of the sales process. The concepts are applicable to a variety of sales roles, including individuals who have face-to-face customer contact and those who sell products or services to customers over the phone.

    Additional Information

  • Learn About
    * What influences purchase decisions
    * Horizontal and vertical selling
    * Preparing for your customer
    * Knowing your competition and differentiating yourself
    * Building rapport and trust
    * Asking the *right* questions and actively listening to your customer
    * Handling customer questions and making tailored recommendations
    * Creating a strong value proposition and decoding buying signals
    * Resolving objections to the offer and closing the sale
    * Following up and following through after the sale
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