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International Trade Series

Gain critical international trade skills to become an effective player in the global economy. Custom workshops and series are available to assess international trade feasibility, market entry strategies, global value chain, products and services for global distribution, trade finance and international sales and marketing strategies. Ready yourself and your organization with the multi-skills needed to do business globally.

Fox Valley Technical College partnered with the Forum for International Trade Training (FITT) to enhance the content, value and effectiveness of international trade training. The turnkey series and workshops build trade readiness for today's complex, integrated world of commerce. The curriculum options cover the most relevant trade topics with practical information, examples, scenarios, case studies and instructor support with the learner in mind.

Explore the workshop options to learn more about available resources for your business. Bundle a variety of workshops into a custom series specific to your organization or employee needs.

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Module Options

**Feasibility of International Trade**

1. Situational Analysis: Determining Current State and Opportunities for Growth

2. Cost and Pricing Analysis: Analyzing the Numbers

3. Risk Analysis and Management: Analyzing and Mitigating Risks in International Trade

**International Market Entry Strategies**

4. Planning for International Market Entry: Making Choices and Establishing the Route to Global Success

5. Implementation of Market Entry Strategies: Building an International Business Operation

6 Law and Ethics: Practical Requirements for International Trade

7. Intercultural Competence: Gaining New Perspectives

**Global Value Chain**

8. Document Management: Control, Compliance and Consistency

9. International Procurement: Purchasing and Outsourcing in the Global Market Place

10. Inventory Management: Maximizing Efficiency in Global Inventory Management

11. International Distribution: Transportation of Goods and Delivery of Services

** Products and Services for a Global Market**

12. Product Development: From Idea to International Marketplace

13. Service Development: International Trade in Services

**International Trade Finance**

14. Finance & International Trade

**International Sales and Marketing**

15. Marketing Products and Services: Attracting International Customers

16. Selling to International Markets: Sales Channels, Negotiation and Follow-up

17. E-Commerce: Using Digital Technology to Access International Markets

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