+Virtual: Human Resources & Workplace Skills

Select human resources and workplace skills topics are available virtually for your remote workforce. New options are added as demand warrants with all available in a live, interactive format.

Check out popular topics, review module descriptions and contact us to schedule virtual training for your workplace.

  • Critical Thinking Skills
  • Leading in a Virtual World Using Behavioral Styles
  • Leading Virtual Meetings Effectively
  • Managing the Boundaries of Workplace Relationships
  • Master Your Priorities: Getting it Done & Achieving Balance
  • Motivating Others -- *only available when bundled with related topics*
  • Navigating Conflict
  • Recharge Your Attitude, Recharge Your Life
  • Additional virtual topics and titles available upon request

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  • Module Options

    **Critical Thinking Skills**

    • Understanding how personal biases impact decision making in the workplace
    • Asking questions that assist with critical thinking analysis
    • Develop a personal plan for enhancing critical thinking

    **Leading in a Virtual World Using Behavioral Styles**

    • Understand your behavioral style as a leader
    • Understand the behavioral styles of your team members
    • Leverage each team members' strengths for maximum productivity

    **Leading Virtual Meetings Effectively**

    • Elements of effective meetings
    • Meeting facilitation techniques
    • Meeting roles and responsibilities
    • Keeping attendees focused and engaged
    • Fostering accountability for action items
    • Challenges of virtual meetings (webinars, conference calls)

    **Master Your Priorities: Getting It Done & Achieving Balance**

    • Identify your greatest time opportunities
    • Reflecting on where to spend your time
    • Strategies for minimizing interruptions
    • Strategies for making tasks more manageable
    • Peak energy and peak performance
    • Prioritization and planning
    • Delegation and reprioritization

    **Managing the Boundaries of Workplace Relationships**

    • Self-assessment of best practices regarding workplace relationships
    • Why supervisors often seek to create workplace friendships
    • The distinction between friend and a direct report
    • Case study analysis: the friend for a manager/supervisor
    • Identifying situations where employees overstep boundaries
    • Planning and delivering performance feedback

    **Motivating Others** - *only available when bundled with related topics*

    • Describe key differences between intrinsic and extrinsic factors
    • Explain how your personal motivation influences motivating others
    • Fostering intrinsic motivation as a limitless resource
    • Meeting the needs of your team, based on each persons motivational currency

    **Navigating Conflict: Building Stronger Relationships, Better Results**

    • Embracing conflict as an opportunity
    • Understand why people avoid conflict
    • Self-assessment of conflict resolution style
    • Techniques for mastering your emotions
    • Dealing with difficult people
    • Communication techniques to guide resolution

    **Recharge Your Attitude, Recharge Your Life**

    • Achieving better harmony and balance
    • Using positive self-talk for positive results
    • Focusing on things within one's control
    • Building self-awareness in tough moments
    • Humor and avoiding negativism
    • Celebrating positives at work and in life

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