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Design of Experiments

In traditional approaches to experimentation, results can be misleading or the procedure can consume too many resources. With *Design of Experiments* (DOE), it is possible to investigate all factors at once in a controlled way while keeping track of the importance of each factor and uncovering all the interactions present. DOE is an advanced Six Sigma tools with proven results.

View two *course options* that can be customized and delivered on-site at your organization.

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Course Options

**Design of Experiments (24 hours)**

*Design of Experiments* examines the individual and interactive impacts of multiple factors that could impact output associated with any design. The customized offering addresses foundational concepts of DOE and includes simulations and applied projects to practice skills. Day one includes an overview and popcorn experiment simulation, while day two further examines DOE concepts through a group helicopter experiment. Day 3 is customized to each organization and includes applied activities to practice skills.

**Design of Experiments-Advanced (32 hours)**

The *Advanced Design of Experiments* enables product engineers, scientists, and problem solvers in general to investigate the impact of selected factors on product designs and processes. Not only can this technique identify and confirm the critical control factors, but it can also reveal the interactions between factors. Understanding these interactions distinguishes DOE from other Six Sigma tools. In this advanced workshop, you will learn the *how* of using DOE for improvement and also the *why* that will enable you to design experiments that produce useful results in a methodical and efficient way.

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