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Six Sigma Certifications

Fox Valley Technical College offers an affordable, efficient method to achieve Six Sigma white, yellow or green belt certification while understanding the demands of the working adult. Designed for manufacturing, service, and healthcare industries, this program includes the concepts of Six Sigma, Lean Enterprise and Theory of Constraints.

Six Sigma is a comprehensive and flexible system for achieving and sustaining bottom line results in your organization. Six Sigma is much more than a quality system; it is a disciplined, data-driven approach and methodology for eliminating defects in any process. Learn more about Lean Six Sigma and how it can benefit your organization.

**What is Six Sigma?**

  • Utilizes DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control) methodology
  • Closely understands customer needs
  • Discipline use of facts, data and statistical analysis
  • Diligent attention to managing, improving and reinventing business processes

**Lean Six Sigma Certification Options:**

  • **White Belt**: Acquire practical knowledge of Lean Six Sigma tools and philosophies in an interactive 8-hour workshop.
  • **Yellow Belt**: Practice basic Lean Six Sigma tools during an engaging 16-hour workshop that includes an introduction to statistical tools and process control.
  • **Green Belt**: Achieve the coveted Green Belt Certification designation by completing seven days of classroom training and online learning with an applied project.

Additional Information

Course Options

**Lean Six Sigma White Belt**

Acquire practical knowledge of Lean Six Sigma tools and philosophies in this 8-hour interactive workshop. Gain an understanding of the basic concepts and terminology associated with a Lean Six Sigma business transformation. Practice the use of techniques through simulations that are applicable to either a manufacturing or a transactional setting.

**Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt**

This unique 16-hour training opportunity enables participants to practice the basic tools of a Lean Six Sigma practitioner in an engaging, interactive classroom setting. You will participate in collaborative discussions and exercises and get a brief introduction to using statistical software and the basics of statistical process control. Participants who complete this training are well prepared to move on to Green Belt certification training and project work for further application of skills.

**Lean Six Sigma Green Belt**

A course that blends online, classroom and project-based learning into an intensive Lean Six Sigma learning experience. Participants practice the DMAIC process by completing a mentor-supported Six Sigma project. Both scheduled certificate sessions and customized on-site Green Belt Certificate options are available. Earn the valuable Six Sigma Green Belt Certificate designation by completing seven days of classroom training and approximately 32 hours of online learning.

  • Six Sigma Green Belt Training (5 credits) - 54 hours classroom | 32 hours online
  • Six Sigma Green Belt Project Course (1 credit) and project report out
  • Benefit from five (5) hours of individual instructor coaching to ensure project success
Benefits & Outcomes

**Why Fox Valley Technical College for Lean Six Sigma training?**

  • An interactive learning atmosphere with practical applications and real-world examples
  • Class schedule and workload designed to accommodate the working adult
  • Low participant/faculty ratio to facilitate learning
  • Training is easy to comprehend and implement

**Six Sigma Benefits**

  • Improved bottom-line results for business
  • Uses a business management methodology and metrics, rather than "gut feel"
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Sustainable implementation of strategic business plan
  • Succession planning to foster future organization leadership
  • Systematic elimination of waste and poor quality issues
  • Workforce empowerment


FVTC Six Sigma facilitators have a unique blend of leadership and quality development experience. Each individual has a distinguished career in leading local and national organizations through organizational transformation.

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