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Standard Work Using Training Within Industry (TWI)

Training Within Industry (TWI) created the foundation for standard work processes adopted by Toyota and many other manufacturers. The methodology uses a learn-by-doing approach in teaching essential skills for supervisors and team leaders. TWIs core programs include **Job Relations** (JR), to build positive employee relations; **Job Instruction** (JI) on how to perform jobs correctly and safely; and **Job Methods** (JM), to improve how jobs are done.

During this series of four 4-hour classes, learn how to develop and enhance your job or standardized work instructions by incorporating TWI concepts.

Additional Information

Training Outline

**The TWI Principles of Standard Work**

  • Historical Roots
  • Job Relations
  • Job Instructions
  • Job Methods

**The Lean Link**

  • Developing Job Instructions and Standard Work Procedures
  • Continuous Improvement
  • TWI Training Methods
  • Incorporating Respect for People

**Developing a Lean Culture by Integrating Standard Work**

  • Reviewing Internal Training Materials
  • Training the Trainers
  • Training to Internal Standards

**Work with JIBS and Standard Work Documents**

  • Training Methodologies Review
  • Presentation and Review of Documentation Developed during Course
  • TWI Principles Review and Applicability in Today's Work Environment
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