New and experienced trainers can benefit from FVTC's Train-the-Trainer series, workshops and customized services. Learn to develop, coordinate or conduct interactive training in a classroom or one-on-one in the workplace. Popular options include:
* Communication Skills for Trainers
* On-the-Job Training Series or Workshop
* Training Coordinators' Series
* Train-the-Trainer Certificate Series *designed for interactive, instructor-led training*
A variety of Fox Valley Technical College instructors each bring a unique approach to Train-the-Trainer services. Explore course and module options to find approaches that match your needs.

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  • Course Options
    **TRAINING COORDINATORS' CERTIFICATE SERIES** - *For those who deliver coaching and 1:1 training on-the-job.*
    **Basics of Effective Trainers - 9 hours**
    * Characteristics of effective trainers
    * Accommodating learning styles and generations
    * Practice effective communication, especially nonverbals
    * Plan for effective questioning techniques
    * Introduce and practice PROPER steps
    * Criteria for job instructions
    * Dealing with problem participants
    **Organizing & Documenting Training Plans - 9 hours**
    * Review 6Ds learning and questions
    * Affinity the criteria for good training plans
    * Process flow for training plan for new employee
    * Conducting a needs assessment
    * Developing learning objectives
    * Overview of visual aids
    * Choosing appropriate evaluation methods
    * Developing measurement strategies
    * Assessment plan for peer review
    * Facilitating buy-in from employees that do the jobs and supervisors who support development
    * Addressing problem situations
    **TRAIN-THE-TRAINER CERTIFICATE SERIES** - *For those who develop and facilitate interactive classroom training; training can be conducted as a 2-6 day workshop depending on the organization's needs.*
    **Designing Training to Achieve Results**
    * Accommodating learning styles and generations
    * Conducting needs assessments
    * Developing learning objectives
    * Outlining and organizing your training
    * Employing accelerated/interactive training
    * Using training methods
    * Developing participant and facilitator guides
    **Delivery Strategies to Engage Learners**
    * Developing and using effective visual aids
    * Applying questioning techniques
    * Practicing facilitation strategies
    * On-the-job training strategies
    * Dealing with problem participants
    **Assessing Training to Assure Success**
    * Choosing appropriate evaluation methods
    * Developing measurement strategies
    * Creating organization-wide "buy-in"
    * Delivering your training module for peer review
    * Receiving feedback to improve your training
    **ON-THE-JOB (OJT) TRAINING SERIES** - *For those coaching and training skills OJT.*
    * Identify characteristics of effective trainers
    * Assess adult learning principles, learning styles, multiple intelligences and generations
    * Define effective communication, especially body language
    * Practice questioning techniques
    * Identify PROPER steps of on-the-job training
    * Practice on-the-job training and receive feedback
    * Strategize for challenges and difficult participants
  • Module Options
    **Communication Skills for Trainers**
    *Those with primary training responsibilities, as well as those providing side-by-side on-the-job training*
    * Adult learning theory: preferences and modalities
    * Practical understanding and application of the skills transfer process
    * Engaging, interactive training methods for adult learners
    * Phrases to steer adult learners and affirm ability
    * Tips for giving training feedback in a meaningful way
    * A structured feedback technique to redirect, reassure
    * How to structure and use examples, case studies
    * The role of the trainer as storyteller
    **On-the-Job Training**- *4-9 hours*
    *For one-on-one trainers who are training a specific skill set or want to invest more in their OJT trainers*
    * Review characteristics of effective trainers and benefits of effective training
    * Identify PROPER steps of on-the-job training
    * Practice on-the-job training and receive feedback
    * Strategize for challenges and difficult participants
    **Additional Train-the-Trainer Topics**
    *For those who know the foundations and want to advance to the next level.*
    * 1:1 Job Coaching Skills
    * Active & Interactive Learning
    * The Human Learning Cycle
    * Action Learning (SAVI)
    * The 4P's of Curriculum Preparation & Classroom Delivery
    * Tools & Strategies (varies)
    * Teacher-Facilitator
    * Instructor Preparation for Activating a Classroom
    * Giving & Receiving Feedback
    * Personality Typology (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator)
    * Training Documentation
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