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New and experienced trainers can benefit from FVTC's Train-the-Trainer workshops and customized services by learning how to develop and conduct effective training. The focus is on interactive training and accelerated learning methods.

Adult learning principles are applied as we **analyze needs**, select appropriate **training methods**, and develop **training aids** for a **training lesson**. Participants will demonstrate their training skills and receive feedback for improvement in a relaxed environment. Content will be tailored to the participants’ needs and expectations.

A variety of Fox Valley Technical College training providers, each with a unique focus, provide Train-the-Trainer services.

**[VIEW VIDEO STORY >>](** *Train-the-Trainer in Action*

Additional Information

Course Options


*For those who develop training materials and facilitate training in a classroom; training can be conducted as a 2-6 day workshop depending on the organization's needs.*

**Course 1: Designing Training to Achieve Results**

  • Accommodating learning styles and generations
  • Conducting needs assessments
  • Developing learning objectives
  • Outlining and organizing your training
  • Employing accelerated/interactive training
  • Using training methods
  • Developing participant and facilitator guides

**Course 2: Delivery Strategies to Engage Learners**

  • Developing and using effective visual aids
  • Applying questioning techniques
  • Practicing facilitation strategies
  • On-the-job training strategies
  • Dealing with problem participants

**Course 3: Assessing Training to Assure Success**

  • Choosing appropriate evaluation methods
  • Developing measurement strategies
  • Creating organization-wide "buy-in"
  • Delivering your training module for peer review
  • Receiving feedback to improve your training
Module Options

**Accelerated Training**

*For those who know the foundations and want to take it to the next level*

  • Definition of active and interactive learning
  • The human learning cycle
  • Action learning (SAVI)
  • The 4 Ps of curriculum preparation and classroom delivery
  • Tools and strategies
  • Setting up active and interactive classrooms
  • Teacher-Facilitators
  • Instructor preparation for activating a classroom
  • Active and interactive learning accelerates learning

**Communication Skills for Trainers**

*Those with primary training responsibilities, as well as those providing side-by-side on-the-job training*

  • Adult learning theory: preferences and modalities
  • Practical understanding and application of the skills transfer process
  • Engaging, interactive training methods for adult learners
  • Phrases to steer adult learners and affirm ability
  • Tips for giving training feedback in a meaningful way
  • A structured feedback technique to redirect, reassure
  • How to structure and use examples, case studies
  • The role of the trainer as storyteller

**On-the-Job Training**- *4-9 hours*

*For one-on-one trainers who are training a specific skill set or want to invest more in their OJT trainers*

  • Review characteristics of effective trainers and benefits of effective training
  • Identify steps in OJT
  • Assess adult learning principles, learning styles and multiple intelligences
  • Analyze needs of the trainees
  • Define effective communication, especially listening and body language
  • Practice questioning and answering techniques
  • Identify PROPER steps of on-the-job training
  • Adapting to generations, feedback and varied personalities
  • Practice on-the-job training and receive feedback
  • Strategize for challenges and difficult participants
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