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Learning and training topics are available virtually for your remote workforce. Utilize the expertise of FVTC Learning Innovations to convert in-person training into self-paced modules or video today's digital work environments. New training options are added as demand warrants with all available in a live, interactive format.
Check out options and contact us to schedule virtual services for your workplace.
* Facilitating In-Person Diverse Groups & Teams
* Self-paced Online Training Development
* Virtual Reality Development

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  • Module Options
    **Facilitating In-Person Diverse Groups & Teams**
    Learn how to manage complex group and team interactions. Explore effective facilitation skills and ways to create and maintain a positive meeting atmosphere. Learn at your own pace with this online course enhanced with several video clips and downloadable workbooks. The techniques are clearly explained and demonstrated in this virtual setting.
    * Available fully online; complete at your own pace
    * Beginning a facilitation session and maintaining focus
    * Creating and maintaining a positive meeting atmosphere
    * Recording group ideas and the rules of wording
    * Addressing and managing group conflict in a non-confrontational and effective way
    * Conducting process checks and exploring reasons meetings falter
    * Leveraging decision-making tools to arrive at agreeable solutions
    * Action planning and strategies to avoid poor follow-through
    **Self-Paced Virtual & Online Training Development**
    The FVTC Learning Innovations team can convert your physical classroom training into self-paced online modules or videos. Online training also helps standardize and convey new information quickly. Reach employees and continue important training while they are working from home.
    * Convert classroom training to self-paced online modules
    * Convert classroom training to videos that can be used on computers, tablets and mobile devices
    * Instructional design assistance
    * Professional voice-over narration
    * Videography and photography assistance
    * Graphic design or 3D modeling assistance
    **Virtual Reality Development**
    Bring the physical world to your employees with virtual and augmented reality. These platforms are immersive solutions that allow learners to explore their surroundings, perform tasks and actively engage with environments to enhance retention. Once they enter the training space, employees will actively participate in virtual worlds and simulations that make for an experience that is nothing like other types of training.
    * Custom virtual reality scenario training
    * Custom augmented reality training
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