Critical Core Workplace Skills

The *Critical Core Workplace Skills* training gives your employees the tools needed to meet the changing demands of today's workplace and deliver consistently high performance.
Customized materials suitable for manufacturing and other work environments combine powerful training content with real-world application. Each training module focuses on a specific skill in one of four key areas: productivity, problem solving, teamwork and adaptability. Modules can be offered as single sessions or grouped into a customized training package geared to your business objectives, timeline and budget.
**Core Productivity Skills:** Modules are designed to give your business a competitive edge by optimizing individual performance.
* Module 1: Manage Priorities
* Module 2: Follow Directions
* Module 3: Maintain a Safe Work Environment
**Core Problem Solving Skills:** Modules provide both a framework and process for dealing effectively with tough choices and situations.
* Module 4: Think Critically
* Module 5: Apply Problem Solving Strategies
* Module 6: Apply Mathematical Reasoning
**Core Team Skills:** Modules will help employees get information to the right people at the right time, bring problems to the forefront and build strong working relationships.
* Module 7: Work Cooperatively in Teams
* Module 8: Communicate Clearly
* Module 9: Listen Effectively
**Core Adaptability Skills:** Modules will help workers respond quickly to unexpected events, contribute to innovative solutions and think creatively.
* Module 10: Demonstrate Integrity
* Module 11: Demonstrate a Positive Attitude
* Module 12: Adapt to Change

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