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Gain an understanding of business planning tools needed to have a successful small business. *E-seed™* is an entrepreneurship training series that assists startup, early-stage entrepreneurs and experienced small business owners develop management and planning tools for their ventures. The 13-week series reinforces concepts to assist business owners develop strategies needed to take your business to the next level.
This entrepreneurship training series helps you discover the art of small business and entrepreneurship. Along the way you'll network with business experts and thought leaders who provide insight into legal, management, accounting, financing and marketing issues. This training for new and established small business owners will provide hands-on sessions offering practical tools and information that can be applied immediately to launch and/or improve your business.
**During the *E-seed™* experience you will:**
* Learn if small business ownership is right for you
* Determine if you have a feasible idea
* Identify and analyze your industry, competition, market and financial opportunity
* Gain insight from expert guest speakers
* Discuss legal issues facing business owners
* Investigate insurance and other government regulations
* Select your bookkeeping and accounting systems
* Network with other peers, small business owners, entrepreneurs and business leaders
* Develop a business plan to guide the launch of your new business
* Learn about financing available for your small business, including: SBA Loan Guarantees, working with banks, credit unions and micro-credit
These practical, real-life, small business and entrepreneurial management sessions are designed to help you learn what you don't know and develop the management and planning tools needed to be successful in turning an idea into an operating small business.

    Additional Information

  • Learn About
    * Small business ownership. Is it right for you?
    * Identifying and analyzing your industry, competition, and market
    * Legal issues facing business owners
    * Bookkeeping and accounting systems
    * Networking with other peers, small business owners, entrepreneurs, and business leaders
  • Benefits & Outcomes
    * Develop a business plan to guide the launch of your new business
    * Cultivate and grow your customer and resource networks
    * Receive one-on-one support and coaching inside and outside of each session
    * Gain insight from guest expert speakers
  • Target Audience
    Individuals thinking about starting a business and existing business owners who want to build a sustainable, thriving business.
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