Corporate Innovation Accelerator

**Set the entrepreneurial spirit free in your organization** and become an **intrapreneur** -- *that person who takes responsibility for turning an idea into profitable finished products through creativity, innovation and managed risk taking.*

Fox Valley Technical College's Venture Center will take the best, most creative elements of an entrepreneurial mindset and immerses your team to expose and reinforce intrapreneurial behaviors and actions. Through creativity, risk, drive, energy and vision you will discover how to grow your top and bottom lines while reinvigorating your business.

Our *Enterprise Innovation and Intrapreneurship* customized training focuses on developing skill sets that can help develop a business plan designed to present to an executive team. These skill sets include: vision, creativity, team-building, leadership, problem-solving and risk management. The process results in employees who develop innovative ideas and mold them into practical, actionable and measurable plans taking your company to the next level.

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