Innovation Accelerator for Small Business

Most small business owners launch and build their business around their technical expertise. That's a start, but does it position you for long-term success and sustainability? This unique, innovative training experience uses business modeling to look at your organization and its potential from a different perspective. Leave the interactive workshop with a renewed vision of what is, what can be, and a roadmap for creating tomorrow's successful enterprise.
Create a business model canvas that explores:
* Strategic Partners
* Key Activities
* Key Resources
* Cost Structure
* Value Proposition
* Customer Relationships
* Channels
* Customer Segments
* Revenue Streams
**Devote** and learn how to invent new business models for your organization. **Transform** your enterprise and go from asking *"Are we making money?"* to confidently knowing *"This is how we make money!"*

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  • Learn About
    **Business Model Language**
    Learn to eliminate blah-blah-blah and move your business forward. Immerse yourself and your staff in the language of business model design and get everyone in your organization on the same page and pulling in the same direction.
    **Design Thinking Attitude**
    Learn how to describe, analyze and design new business models using contemporary resources. Engaging, intelligent and informative facilitators and coaches, brilliant texts including *Business Model Generation* and *Blue Ocean Strategy*, supporting videos, the Business Model Canvas, and an IBISWorld™ industry and market research report are the design tools you will receive and use to invent new business models and create sustainable models for the future. Learn to identify patterns, based on concepts from leading business thought leaders and understand techniques to design business models.
    **Risk Reduction Process**
    Learn how to prototype, test and experiment with the new business models you invent. Understand how to integrate the new business model(s) while concurrently supporting the current business models in your organization. Use business model design tools to determine the revenue and cost structure for your current and new business models and to re-interpret strategy through the business model lens.
  • Benefits & Outcomes
    * **Empower your product, service or technology innovation with business model innovation.** The 21st century business environment is dynamic and volatile. It is no longer sufficient to compete with the best product, service or technology. Today's savvy businesses and organizations know how to combine a great idea with business model design to become unstoppable in the marketplace.
    * **Invent a new business model.** Originality matters. Quit looking to others, including your competition, to define your company's business model. Who cares about the competition? What you want to do is invent business models that solve problems and addresses customer pain points. That is the ultimate goal. Design a business model that works for your customers.
    * **Take some risks and experiment.** Can you prove up-front that a business model is going to succeed? No chance. The workshop allows you to find ways to see if it will work. Get back to a culture of experimentation by building powerful business models.
  • Session Options
    Fall Dates:
    Fridays, September 8, 15 and 22, 2023
    Grant funds available for small businesses (pending grant submission): [Apply Here](
    If the dates don't work with your schedule or if you'd like to schedule a training for your organization, [contact us]( today.
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