Small Business & Social Media Marketing

Fox Valley Technical College offers a broad range of small business marketing and social media topics for the marketing professional, entrepreneur or small business owner. Many of these services can be delivered right at your business or worksite. Two frequently-requested services include:
* **Marketing Made Lean** - This interactive series solidifies your value proposition and aligns products/services with customer needs. Identify current and potential customer segments, maximize your marketing resources, drive sales and profits, explore and develop your marketing channels, and create customer service strategies. The *Marketing Made Lean* series incorporates tools from other disciplines including lean enterprise and design tools like the Business Model Canvas.
* **Social Media Marketing** - Explore the many facets of social media marketing using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or other social media platforms. Determine the optimal marketing channels and integrated strategy to reach existing and new customers.
Additional small business marketing and social media services are available upon request. Share your interest and we'll create a tailor-made seminar or service you'll want to "tweet" or "like".

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  • Training Outline
    **Marketing Made Lean**
    Define Your Business Purpose and Reconnect with Your Vision
    * Align vision, mission and values
    * Use the *Value Proposition Canvas* to align with your targeted customer segments
    * Determine a pricing strategy and break-even
    * Define your competitive advantage
    Positioning and Developing Marketing Channels
    * Identify existing marketing channels
    * Find the best marketing channels
    * Explore inbound and outbound strategies
    * Use resources, activities and partnerships
    Customer Relationship Strategies
    * Understand the value of your customers
    * Get feedback from your customer base
    * Create your customer service creed
    * Test measurement tools
    Marketing ROI, Strategic Plan and Implementation
    * Create a marketing budget
    * Measure marketing success
    * Create your strategic marketing plan
    * Implement, assess and pivot
    **Social Media for Small Business**
    Content and social media platforms customized to the business and customer needs. Request a private consultation or review scheduled seminar offerings.
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