+Virtual: Small Business & Entrepreneurship

Select small business & entrepreneurship topics are available virtually for your remote workforce. New options are added as demand warrants with all available in a live, interactive format.
Check out popular topics, review module descriptions and contact us to schedule virtual training for your workplace.
* E-seed Express: Entrepreneurship Training
* Explore Starting a Business
* Get the Right Financing for Your Business
* Intro to the Amazon.com Selling Platform
* Marketing Made Lean
* Work for Yourself at 50+

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  • Module Options
    **E-Seed Express: Entrepreneurship Training**
    * Determining if you have a feasible idea
    * Identifying and analyzing your industry, competition and market
    * The legalities, risks and regulatory issues facing business owners
    * Developing strategies to secure talent, professional services and capital
    * Available financing including SBA Loan Guarantees, working with banks and credit unions, angel inventors, venture capitalist and more
    **Explore Starting A Business**
    * Complimentary session provides a look at what it takes to launch a start-up or small business
    * The entrepreneur/business owner mindset
    * Critical questions to consider when launching or growing a business
    * Entrepreneurship Trainings: The experience and the results
    * 12 essentials for ramping up your business
    **Get the Right Financing for Your Business**
    * The lender concept, use of a risk rating and what makes a good rating vs. a poor one
    * How daily business decisions create the cash flow of business
    * Ways to create better short-term and long-term cash flow
    * Successful techniques to negotiate with lenders and how to choose the right lender for you and your business
    * The value and benefits of projections supported with written assumptions
    * Developing an action plan to get funding
    * Submitting your financial request by presenting to a panel of lenders for feedback and insight
    **Introduction to the Amazon.com Selling Platform**
    * Amazon product sourcing vs. launching a new product
    * Amazon MFN and FBA Programs
    * Upsides and downsides to selling on Amazon
    * Critical concepts to selling on Amazon
    * Third party tools to simplify selling on Amazon
    * Strategies to move your business off the Amazon.com platform
    **Marketing Made Lean**
    * Defining your business purpose
    * Connecting with your vision
    * Positioning and developing marketing channels
    * Customer relationship strategies
    * Marketing ROI, strategic planning and implementation
    **Work for Yourself at 50+**
    * What it means to work for yourself
    * The advantages and challenges of starting a business
    * Moving your idea forward
    * Avoiding common self-employment mistakes
    * Find your focus and put your options to work
    * Discover sources of support and additional services available to entrepreneurs and/or business owners
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