Diesel Mechanics

Diesel technicians with advanced diagnostic troubleshooting and analysis skills are in demand and improve productivity on the shop floor. FVTC offers a unique training experience for employers using our fleet of 50 diesel-powered tractors. Our customized training provides a unique blend of instruction and "in the shop" experiences. This training environment builds technical expertise and helps participants learn the sophisticated equipment used to diagnose and correct diesel-related problems.
Popular diesel mechanics training includes:
* Air Brake Systems
* DOT Annual Inspection Certification Training

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    **Air Brake Systems**
    * **Overview:** Training focuses on the operation, testing and troubleshooting of valves and components for truck and tractor/trailer air brake systems. Participants learn overhaul and inspection procedures for cam and air disc operated foundation brakes. ABS, traction control and roll stability systems are also covered. Federal brake inspector criteria set forth in FMCSR PART 393, Part 396.25 and Appendix G to Sub Chapter B is covered. A certificate is awarded to participants who successfully complete the certification test.
    * **Learn About:** Service brake chambers, slack adjusters and foundation brakes; air brake supply system; service brake system; spring brake system (park/emergency brakes); tractor protection and trailer supply system; air brake system inspection, maintenance and testing; and simple troubleshooting techniques.
    **DOT Annual Inspection Certification**
    * **Overview:** Review the proper techniques and criteria for performing annual inspections. Learn the importance of proper vehicle maintenance and inspections and discuss what should be included in setting up a good preventative maintenance program, program audits, record keeping and increased mechanic productivity. This certificate training covers all facets of commercial motor vehicle inspection and maintenance requirements found in the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (FMCSR). This course includes comprehensive exposure to the Code of Federal Regulations Title 49, Parts 390, 393, and 396 of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations. A certificate of completion will be given to successful participants.
    * **Learn About:** Periodic inspection requirements in Part 396.17; vehicle maintenance and recordkeeping requirements; comparing annual inspection criteria with CVSA out of service criteria; explaining a motor carriers responsibility to qualify its vehicle and brake inspectors; and minimum periodic inspection standards (Appendix G.)
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