Train-the-Trainer for Truck Drivers

The FVTC Truck Driving Train-the-Trainer series is designed to help trucking firms address critical driver shortages facing the industry. The four-day course provides company instructors with the knowledge and skills necessary to set up and conduct training for both novice and experienced drivers. It provides information on teaching methods, competencies, forms and other information needed to training drivers.
Those completing the series are qualified to provide additional workplace training as part of the Industry Partnership Program while fulfilling insurance and liability requirements. Trainers successfully completing the series work one-on-one with new drivers in the workplace to make them a safe, integral part of the company's driving force.
Upon successful completion of the Train-the-Trainer course, the company instructor will:
* Be able to organize and conduct training.
* Be able to train drivers in the required competencies.
* Use appropriate procedures to assess driver's progress, identify learning problems and provide constructive criticism.

    Additional Information

  • Training Outline
    **Classroom Training - Two Days**
    * Role of Instructor
    * Characteristics of Good Instructor
    * Instructor Responsibilities
    * Learning Roadblocks
    * Providing Feedback
    * Overcoming Learning Resistance
    * Safety
    * Dealing with Customers & Dispatchers
    * Training Competencies
    * Observation Techniques
    **Decision Driving - One Day**
    **Driving & Evaluating - One Day**
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