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Hunter Systems: Advanced Alignment

Hours: 16.00 | Estimated Cost: $450.00

This seminar is designed for technicians working with Hunter® Alignment Systems. Problem alignments can be a major barrier in profit and customer satisfaction. Understanding causes of handling issues, tire wear and collision related problems will turn problem alignments to profit while maintaining highly satisfied customers. Make your Hunter system work for you; learn the advanced tools and procedures already at your fingertips. Do a hands-on application of information and vehicle repair within this session.

Additional Information

Learn About
  • Meeting the customer’s expectations
  • The ins and outs of suspension/steering systems
  • Identifying when the alignment is causing problems
  • Working with aligners
  • Using, modifying and adding specifications
  • Making adjustments easier with the latest in aftermarket solutions and tools
Benefits & Outcomes
  • Meet and maintain your customer's expectations
  • Changing specifications to make adjustments easier with the latest in aftermarket solutions and tools
  • Using software features to save time and energy
  • Increase productivity and the quality of repairs
Target Audience

Technicians working on steering and suspension repair who would like to increase productivity and the quality of repairs will benefit by attending. Technicians who want to transition into alignment repair will also benefit from this training.

Training Outline

**Meeting the Customers Expectations**

  • Road surface condition
  • Passenger and cargo weight
  • Performance requirements

**The Ins & Outs of Suspension/Steering Systems**

  • Safety inspection vs. alignment inspection
  • When to suggest or require parts replacement
  • Comprehensive collision related component damage inspection
  • Tire wear tells the story

**Knowing When the Alignment is Causing Problems**

  • Caster, camber, toe review of effects
  • Geometric centerline, thrust line and thrust angle
  • Applying and understanding secondary angle information
  • Body damage and suspension mounting locations checks

**Is the aligner working for you, or are you working for the aligner?**

  • Mounting sensors, compensating correctly
  • Procedures to obtain secondary angle information
  • Using software features to save time and energy
  • Steering wheel position sensor reset procedures

**Using, Modifying and Adding Specifications**

  • Using specification tolerances to customize the alignment
  • Changing specifications to make the adjustment easier

**Make the Adjustments Easier with the Latest in Aftermarket Solutions and Tools**

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