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Northeast Wisconsin International Business Network

Hours: 4.00 | Estimated Cost: $69.00

The Northeast Wisconsin International Business Network (NEWIBN) is an association for local companies to access current information on issues, practices and trends that influence all aspects of international trade.

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Additional Information

Discussion Topics

***The Economy in 2019 - Finding the Dark Cloud Behind that Silver Lining***

The past year has been a very successful one by most measures - low unemployment, solid growth, mostly solid stock market, low inflation. But there have been signs that this business cycle may be coming to an end as important sectors slow dramatically, labor shortages become acute, inflation starts to ramp up and uncertainty regarding trade weighs on the markets. What can reasonably be expected in 2019 and what factors will end up driving the progress of the economy in what promises to be another tumultuous year?

***Learn About:***

  • U.S. and global economic trends and forecasts
  • Economic expectations in 2019
  • Factors that will drive progress
Event Agenda

***8:30 AM - 9:15 AM***

Networking and Breakfast

***9:15 AM - 9:30 AM***

Welcome, Dr. Marie Martin

***9:30 AM - 12:15 PM***

The Economy in 2019, Dr. Chris Kuehl

***12:15 PM - 12:30 PM***

Q & A, Closing Remarks


**Dr. Chris Kuehl:** Dr. Chris Kuehl is a Managing Director of Armada Corporate Intelligence. He provides forecasts and strategic guidance for a wide variety of corporate clients around the world. He is the chief economist for several national and international organizations Fabricators and Manufacturers Association, National Association of Credit Management, Finance, Credit and International Business and the Business Information Industry Association. He is also the economic analyst for several state accounting societies Missouri, Kentucky, Tennessee and Kansas.

Prior to starting Armada in 1999 he was a professor of economics and finance for 15 years teaching in the US, Hungary, Russia, Estonia, Singapore and Taiwan. He holds advanced degrees in economics, Soviet studies and East Asian studies.

Chris is the author of Business Intelligence Briefs and Executive Intelligence Briefs - both publications from Armada. He is also responsible for the Credit Managers Index from NACM and Fabrinomics from the FMA.

Benefits & Outcomes
  • First-hand knowledge
  • Learn how to be successful in international business
  • Gain networking and resource information
  • Hear from practitioners and learn from peers
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