Microsoft Excel Tables and PivotTables

Hours: 3.00 | Estimated Cost: $99.00

It can be difficult to see the big picture when you have a lot of data listed in an Excel table. Creating PivotTables and/or PivotCharts can help you make sense of this data and gives you a quick visual analysis. In this seminar, create Tables, PivotTables and PivotCharts and learn how they can be an effective visual communication tool as well.

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  • Learn About
    * Creating an Excel table
    * Creating a PivotTable and PivotChart Sorting and filtering a table or list range
    * Manipulating PivotTable Data
    * Easy Filtering Using Timelines and Slicers
  • Benefits & Outcomes
    * Present, analyze and summarize data in a meaningful way
    * View common trends and/or themes within a data table
  • Training Outline
    **Excel Tables**
    * Range vs. Table
    * Creating a Table
    * Adding/Deleting Table Rows & Columns
    * Adding a Total Row
    * Removing Duplicates
    * Adding Formulas
    * Using Table Specifiers
    * Converting a Table to a List Range
    **Sorting & Filtering a Table or List Range**
    * Basic & Complex Sorting
    * Filtering
    * Clearing Filtering
    * Showing/Hiding AutoFilter
    * Grouping
    * Subtotaling
    **PivotTables & PivotCharts**
    * Creating a PivotTable/PivotChart from Worksheet Data
    * Transactional Data
    * Show/Hide the PivotTable Fields Pane
    * Adding/Removing a PivotTable Field
    * Refreshing a PivotTable
    * Rearranging a PivotTable
    * Adding a PivotChart to a PivotTable
    * Formatting
    * Sorting & Filtering a PivotTable
    * Filtering with Timelines & Slicers
    * Changing the Summary Function
    * Changing How Values are Shown
    * Using a PivotTable to Analyze Multiple Data Sources using the Data Model
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