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Lean Enterprise Project Certificate: 6-Course Series

Hours: 36.00 | Estimated Cost: $1,800.00

The Lean Enterprise Project Certificate is designed for employees at all levels of an organization who want to professionalize their lean skills and apply them to business and service functions. The certificate provides mentor-guided training that allows participants to test what they’ve learned while relying on an expert to help plan workplace improvements. The 6-course certificate incorporates two hours of one-on-one involvement with a lean instructor to assist with a workplace project. Modules include: ‘Learning to See’ • ‘Understanding Current State’ • ‘Creating Flow/Building a Better State’ • ‘Sustainment through Visual Management' • 'Everybody/Everyday’ • 'Project Results/Commitment to Sustain'.

Additional Information

Learn About
  • Eight common forms of waste
  • Continuous improvement basics
  • Process complexity and variation
  • Value stream mapping
  • Facilitating productive meetings
  • Developing and implementing work standards
  • Defining metrics and measuring success
  • Best practices to sustain improvements
  • Problem solving tools
Benefits & Outcomes
  • Reduce order fulfillment lead times
  • Reduce defects
  • Optimize inventory turns
  • Reduce set-up times
  • Implement a lean organizational culture
Training Outline

***Module 1: Learning to See***

  • Develop an understanding of the continuous improvement culture which focuses on waste identification and elimination through employee engagement and involvement
  • Evaluate organizational value streams and strategy deployment principles as a foundation for project selection model
  • Review voice of customer concepts to better understand the value proposition

***Module 2: Understanding Current State***

  • Develop comprehensive problem statements that drive measurable improvements
  • Apply the continuous improvement tool set including process mapping, data collection, check sheets and run charts
  • Introduce the A3 storyboard for documenting continuous improvement project progress

***Module 3: Creating Flow/Building a Better Future State***

  • Explore ideal and future state through gap and root cause analysis
  • Review prioritization strategies to assure engagement
  • Develop comprehensive action plans and/or experimentation models to create a commitment to cadence

***Module 4: Sustainment through Visual Management***

  • Explore the Visual Workplace Pyramid outlining visual order, visual standards, visual metrics, visual Controls, visual guarantees
  • Review the essential elements of standard work and leader standard work
  • Understand the value of celebration and its impact on employee engagement

***Module 5: Everybody/Everyday***

  • Develop facilitation skills to support team building and alignment
  • Review assessment strategies to assure personal growth and development as a facilitator or team leader
  • Explore the ever-changing concepts of business complexity and its workforce impact
  • Explore strategy deployment as a model for project prioritization and organizational alignment

***Module 6: Project Results/Commitment to Sustain***

  • Present and assess final workplace projects which have been scoped and implemented during course duration
  • Explore next steps for individual and organizational growth and development
  • Develop a support network for leader/learner engagement
  • Understand availability of other resources
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