Leading without Drama

Hours: 4.00 | Estimated Cost: $184.00

Gossip, poor team collaboration and power struggles are all signs of drama in the workplace. Drama often occurs because we haven't been taught how to identify or manage it. Learn how to remove these obstacles that can deplete your organization of it's best talents and success. Leading without drama will provide insight and strategies on how to end workplace drama and help boost employee morale, increase productivity, and move your organization forward.
This is part of the [Personal & Workplace Leadership Certificate: Advanced](https://www.fvtc.edu/training-services/business-industry-services/seminars/service/business-management-finance/personal-and-workplace-leadership-certificate-advanced-series).

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  • Learn About
    * Identifying the key factors creating drama in the workplace
    * Strategies for deflating drama
    * Creating a culture of accountability
  • Benefits & Outcomes
    * Learn how to end workplace drama and make the most of your workday
    * Boost employee morale and team collaboration
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