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Tools for Talent Development

Employees in today’s workforce must possess a diverse range of skills in order to rise to the top. During these complimentary sessions, you will learn hard and soft skills to help you grow and succeed in your career. Fox Valley Technical College has the tools to develop the talent of your workforce!

Additional Information

Learn About
  • Training tools to develop workforce talent
  • Developing hard and soft skills to help you grow professionally
  • Workforce development solutions
  • Leadership, management and interpersonal skills that drive company growth
Session Options

**Continuous Improvement Overview**

*Presented By: Cindy Wetzel, Lean Performance Center and Supply Chain*

Understand the basics of what continuous improvement is and how you can support improvement in your organization.

*Learn About:*

  • Continuous improvement activities
  • Positively impacting your organization's safety, quality and customer satisfaction
  • Improving your organization's financial performance and employee engagement

**Creating a Continuous Improvement Culture**

*Presented By: Cindy Wetzel, Lean Performance Center and Supply Chain*

A culture of continuous improvement is an ideal every organization believes in. Establishing and supporting an engaged workforce is key.

*Learn About:*

  • Developing employees to be more productive and engaged
  • Retaining employees
  • The cultural shift that can occur when empowering employees in their work setting

**Critical Thinking**

*Presented By: Cindy Wetzel, Lean Performance Center and Supply Chain*

Understand the fundamentals of critical thinking and how developing these skills can enhance employee problem solving skills.

*Learn About:*

  • How to ask better questions
  • Clarifying goals and expectations for assignments

**Developing Performance Goals**

*Presented By: Dean Murzello, Management Development*

Goals help define a company's purpose, assist its business growth and achieve its financial objectives. An organization in which all

employees understand and act upon their roles and potential is unstoppable.

*Learn About:*

  • The SMART way to set goals
  • The keys to getting employee buy-in.

**Exceling at Excel Conditional Formatting**

*Presented by: Lindsay Spilman, Business & Industry Services*

What if you could have Excel automatically format your cells based on the data thats within them? With Excels Conditional Formatting tool, you can! In this session, you will get an introduction to Excels powerful Conditional Formatting tool.

*Learn About:*

  • Conditional Formatting basics to change your cell formatting based on its values
  • Conditional Formatting to change cell(s) based on the values in other cells

**Outlook Tips and Tricks**

*Presented by: Lindsay Spilman, Business & Industry Services*

In business today, email has become the primary means of communication. Increasing your capabilities and knowledge within Microsoft Outlook can not only reduce frustration, but greatly increase productivity. In this session, we will look at tips and tricks for navigating around Microsoft Outlook.

*Learn About:*

  • Capabilities within Outlook
  • Commands for increasing productivity
  • Setting up certain elements within your Outlook Environment

**Time Management**

*Presented by: Dean Murzello, Management Development*

Time Management is essential for businesses and a skill that most people would like to improve on. Learn about the key principles of time management that will get you the best results faster.

*Learn About:*

  • Gaining control of your workday
  • Accomplishing more tasks every day
  • Handling competing priorities

**Working Effectively Across Cultures**

*Presented by: Leah Caceres, Foreign Language*

Succeed in today's business environment and address the needs of an increasing global business culture. Explore the impact of culture on work behavior, evaluate workplace cultural scenarios and build a practical set of tools to effectively interact across cultures.

*Learn About:*

  • Cultural patterns and biases as they pertain to workplace practices
  • Geography, history, religion and politics and how they shape behaviors
  • Cultural practices and how they influence teamwork, motivation and decision making
Event Agenda

***7:30 - 8:00 AM***

Networking & Registration

***8:00 - 8:50 AM***

Welcome and Keynote

Presented By: Judy Ruhl - Management Development

***9:00 - 9:50 AM***

Training Session 1

***10:00 - 10:50 AM***

Training Session 2

***11:00 - 11:50 AM***

Training Session 3

Benefits & Outcomes
  • These sample offerings are brief complimentary sessions which provide a sampling of strategies and offerings
  • Networking
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