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Fostering Successful Internal Customer Relationships

Hours: 2.00 | Estimated Cost: $99.00

When we approach work and the interactions we have with other people, do we look at each situation and react in a way that helps us to foster a strong, mutually beneficial relationship? This short seminar will discuss concepts that encourage participants to self-evaluate and reflect on how they see circumstances and people—to understand the paradigms that they hold, and how those paradigms can sometimes become self-limiting. Ultimately, we need to look inward first, and yet so many times, people tend to look outward: at other people, at circumstance as the reason for not achieving better, more effective results and stronger relationships. We’ll explore the value of the connections we have with others, including the benefits of building and maintaining a high balance in our emotional bank account, and we’ll gain an understanding of how others’ perception of us influences the reciprocal value of relationships. Our time will end with the beginning of careful thought of steps that each person commits to taking in order to foster stronger, more effective relationships.

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Learn About
  • How paradigms can be self-limiting
  • Building and maintaining the relationships we have with others
  • Understanding how others' perception of us influences the reciprocal value of relationships
  • Tips to improving even the best workplace relationships
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