Microsoft Excel Functions & Formulas

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An Excel formula is an expression which calculates the value of a cell. Functions are predefined formulas which are already available for use. Learn more about using functions and formulas to create a dynamic, time-saving worksheet.

    Additional Information

  • Learn About
    • Excel formulas and functions
    • Entering formulas and functions
    • Reference operators
    • AutoSum
    • Cell references
    • Order of operations
    • Using names in formulas
    • Troubleshooting

  • Benefits & Outcomes
    • Save time by utilizing Excel's library of functions
    • Make computations easier to perform

  • Training Outline

    **Introduction to Functions & Formulas**

    • Glossary
    • Controlling Order of Precedence
    • Conditionally Summing/Counting Data (SUMIF, COUNTIF)
    • Being Precise (Rounding Functions)
    • Absolute vs. Relative References
    • Improving Clarity with Range Names
    • Merging Text & Numbers (CONCATENATE, LEFT, RIGHT, MID & SUBSTITUTE Functions and using Text to Columns)
    • Changing Results (IF, AND & OR Functions)
    • Nesting Functions
    • Table Functions (VLOOKUP Function)
    • Dates & Times (TODAY, WEEKDAY & NETWORKDAYS Functions)


    • Automatic Error Checking
    • Using the Error Checker


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