Microsoft PowerPoint Level 1

Hours: 3.00 | Estimated Cost: $99.00

Explore the Microsoft PowerPoint® 2016 environment. Learn how to build a presentation by adding text, graphical elements, objects, tables and charts. Present your data in a structured form and finalize a presentation. Prerequisite: Basic knowledge of Windows® is recommended.

    Additional Information

  • Learn About
    • Basic features and functions
    • Using presentation views
    • Performing text editing operations
    • Adding graphical elements
    • Modifying objects
    • Creating and modifying charts
    • PowerPoint shortcuts
    • Preparing to deliver a presentation

  • Benefits & Outcomes
    • Become more efficient in navigating the Microsoft PowerPoint environment and in completing your daily tasks
    • Gain confidence in presenting a PowerPoint presentation by knowing all the basics

  • Training Outline

    **Basic Features and Functions**

    • Adding a New Slide
    • Changing a Slide's Layout
    • Switching Between Standard & Widescreen Format
    • Using Custom Sizes & Orientation
    • Applying a Design theme
    • Changing the Background of a Slide

    **Performing Text Editing Operations**

    • Entering Text into a "Click to add" Placeholder
    • Starting a New Line Without a Bullet
    • Moving Between Text Areas with the Keyboard
    • Adding Other Text on the Slide
    • Changing Level of Indentation
    • Text Formatting
    • Adding a Header or Footer

    **Creating & Modifying Charts**

    • Creating a Chart
    • Creating an Org Chart

    **Adding Graphical Elements**

    • Drawing Shapes
    • Adding Clip Art & Online Images
    • Inserting a Picture from a File
    • Resizing a Shape or Picture

    **Modifying Objects**

    • Rotating an Object
    • Moving a Shape
    • Adding Text to a Shape
    • Changing the Color, Fill Pattern, or Line Style of a Shape or Line
    • Selecting Shapes
    • Using Eyedropper to Match Colors
    • Duplicating a Shape
    • Animating an Object
    • Suppressing Slide Master Objects

    **Preparing to Deliver a Presentation**

    • Running a Slideshow
    • Assigning Transition Effects & Timings for a Slide Show
    • Creating Speaker Notes
    • Changing Slide Show Settings
    • Changing Slide Masters to Change Multiple Slides
    • Printing


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