Microsoft PowerPoint Level 2

Hours: 3.00 | Estimated Cost: $99.00

Go beyond bullet-points to transform your presentation into a powerful means of communication. During this hands-on seminar, you will learn how to customize your PowerPoint and use the advanced features to create a dynamic and visually appealing slide show. Finalize your presentation and share it with your audience. Prerequisite: ‘Microsoft® PowerPoint®-Level 1’ or equivalent knowledge/experience.

    Additional Information

  • Learn About
    • Customizing design templates
    • Adding WordArt and modifying shapes/pictures
    • Adding media and animations
    • Recording narrations
    • Customizing a slide show
    • Multiple ways to save a presentation

  • Benefits & Outcomes
    • Become efficient in navigating the Microsoft PowerPoint environment
    • Gain confidence in presenting a PowerPoint presentation with advanced skills

  • Training Outline

    **Customizing Design Templates**

    • Reusing Slides from Other Files
    • Adding Placeholders to a Slide Master
    • Adding Master Level Guides
    • Adding a Customized Layout
    • Creating Templates
    • Changing Personal Templates

    **Adding WordArt and Modifying Shapes/Pictures**

    • Inserting an Audio Clip
    • Inserting a Video
    • Displaying the Animation Pane
    • Reordering Animations
    • Removing or Modifying Animations
    • Previewing Animations
    • Using the Animation Painter
    • Syncing Animation/Text Overlays with Audio/Video

    **Recording Narrations**

    • Recording Narration

    **Customizing a Slide Show**

    • Organizing Slides with Sections
    • PowerPoint Designer
    • Creating a Button to Jump to Another Slide or File During a Slide Show
    • Hiding Slides
    • Using Morph
    • Annotations During a Slide Show
    • Setting Up a Self-Running Show
    • Set Timings by Viewing the Show

    **Multiple Ways to Save a Presentation**

    • Saving Different Slide Orders
    • Compressing Media Files
    • Packaging a Pres onto a CD/USB Drive
    • Saving a Presentation as a Video
    • Broadcasting a Pres on the Web


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