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Microsoft Word Level 3

Hours: 3.00 | Estimated Cost: $99.00

Extend your knowledge of Microsoft Word and learn the advanced features to create, manage and revise business documents. Discover how to easily work with styles, outlines, a table of contents and section breaks. Prerequisite: ‘Microsoft Word—Levels 1 and 2’ or equivalent knowledge/experience.

Additional Information

Learn About
  • Using Styles
  • Multilevel lists and outlining
  • Find/replace and paste/insert
  • Creating a table of contents and an index
  • Creating bookmarks
  • Adding section breaks
Benefits & Outcomes
  • Become more efficient in navigating the Microsoft Word environment and in completing daily tasks
  • Manage complicated documents with ease
Training Outline


  • Using Styles
  • Character, Paragraph and Linked Styles
  • Applying Character and Paragraph Styles
  • Creating a Style
  • Displaying the Styles Pane
  • Changing Styles
  • Deleting a Style
  • Selecting All Text with the Same Style
  • Adding Styles to the Default List
  • Showing Formatting as Styles to Clean Up a Document
  • Importing Styles
  • Using Numbered Lists with Styles
  • Applying Table Styles
  • Restricting Formatting

**Multilevel Lists and Outlining**

  • Creating Multilevel Numbered Lists
  • Expand/Collapse in Print Layout View
  • Viewing & Structuring your Document Using the Navigation Pane
  • Outlining

**Find and Replace**

  • Finding and Replacing Formats
  • Finding and Replacing Special Characters (Tabs, Spaces, etc.)

**Paste and Insert**

  • Options when Pasting
  • Inserting Entire Documents

**Table of Contents**

  • Creating a Table of Contents
  • Updating a Table of Contents


  • Creating an Index
  • Generating an Index
  • Updating an Index


  • Creating a Bookmark
  • Going to/Selecting Bookmarked Text
  • Using Bookmarks to Refer to Pages

**Section Breaks**

  • Section Breaks
  • Inserting a Section Break
  • Changing Page Numbering Mid-Document
  • Changing Headers and Footers
  • Changing Page Setup in a Section
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