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Dealing with Upset Customers

Hours: 2.00 | Estimated Cost: $45.00

Handling upset customers effectively is often a matter of three qualities: tact, creativity, and empathy.

In this seminar, we’ll understand how each of these plays a role in our ability to provide amazing service, even in difficult situations. It is important to remember, when dealing with people who are responding emotionally, that they are typically upset with other factors, not you personally. Before you can get your customer to calm down, listen, and address the situation, you must first deal with his or her emotional state. We’ll look at controlling the conversation using positive language, and power phrases that reassure the customer, and redirect focus from their emotional response to problem solving.

Additional Information

Learn About
  • Effectively handling upset customers
  • Three qualities to provide amazing customer service; tact, creativity and empathy
  • Using positive language and power phrases
Benefits & Outcomes
  • Learn effective tools to use for working with difficult customers
  • Provide amazing customer service in your organization
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