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Marketing Made Lean

Hours: 16.00 | Estimated Cost: $249.00

Marketing Made Lean is a four-part, 16-hour marketing series for marketing professionals and small businesses.

It will enable you to solidify your value proposition and align products/services with your customer’s needs; identify current and potential customer segments; maximize your marketing resources while driving sales and profits; explore and develop your marketing channels; create customer service strategies. The Marketing Made Lean series will incorporate tools from other disciplines including Lean Manufacturing, and design tools like the business model canvas.

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Additional Information

Learn About
  • Defining your business purpose
  • Connecting with your vision
  • Positioning and developing marketing channels
  • Customer relationship strategies
  • Marketing ROI, strategic planning and implementation
Module Options

**Week 1:** *Defining your Business Purpose & Reconnecting with your Vision*

  • Why are you in business? Align your vision, mission & values
  • Using the Value Proposition Canvas to align your value proposition with your targeted customer segments
  • Pricing Strategy and Break-even
  • What is your competitive advantage?

**Week 2:** *Positioning & Developing Marketing Channels*

  • What marketing channels exist?
  • What are the best channels for you to market your business?
  • Exploring inbound and outbound strategies
  • Resources, activities and partnerships

**Week 3:** *Customer Relationship Strategies*

  • How do you value your customers?
  • Getting feedback from your customers
  • Create your customer service creed
  • Test measurement tools

**Week 4:** *Marketing ROI, Strategic Plan & Implementation*

  • Create your marketing budget
  • How do you know if your marketing efforts are working? Measuring your success.
  • Pulling it all together: Your strategic marketing plan
  • Implementation, Assessment & Pivoting

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Instructor & Presenter Bios
  • [Amy Pietsch](, Director of Venture Center
  • [Autumn Hill](, Instructor
  • [Mark Burwell](, Instructor
  • [Jeffery Ebel](, Instructor
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