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Working on the Leading Edge

Hours: 4.00

The **complimentary** Working on the Leading Edge workshop provides information to help better protect industry workers. Presented by 3M Fall Protection in collaboration with FVTC, WSC and OSHA includes benefits from a safety leadership roundtable, safety demonstrations and networking with other safety professionals. The goal of this workshop is to share, collaborate and shed light on a topic that presents unique challenges and demands better understanding in an effort to protect and preserve the lives of industry workers.

Additional Information

Learn About
  • Fall protection in industry
  • The hazards and standards of fall protection
  • The use and limitations of fall equipment
  • OSHA's regulations
Benefits & Outcomes
  • Better protect our workers with a deeper understanding of the hazards of fall protection
  • Share and collaborate with safety professionals to gain valuable insight and awareness of fall protection and regulations
Event Agenda

**Understanding the Leading Edge Standard** (ANSI 359.14)

  • **Presented by:** Russ Martin, 3M Fall Protection

**OSHA's Regulatory Perspective**

  • **Presented by:** Local OSHA Representative

**Safety Leadership Roundtable**

  • **Presented by:** Panel of Local Construction Safety Leaders

**Safety Demonstrations**

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