English for the Workplace

Hours: 18.00 | Estimated Cost: $650.00

Designed for English Language Learning employees, this seminar focuses on language development and field-centered vocabulary necessary to understand workplace terminology and employment practices. Some disciplines that may be covered are: agriculture, landscaping, construction, and manufacturing. Participants will improve listening, speaking, reading, writing, and computer/digital skills necessary for job success.

    Additional Information

  • Learn About
    * Assessing language levels and digital literacy
    * Building technological skills needed for language instruction
    * Language foundations such as grammar, reading, writing, listening and speaking
    * Vocabulary to develop language ability, to form comprehensible statements and questions, and to respond to basic directives
    * Building workplace English skills
    * Understanding language and terminology used specifically in manufacturing, on-the-job, in meetings and in trainings
  • Benefits & Outcomes
    * Gain English language skills necessary to understand workplace terminology and employment practices
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