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Nitrous Oxide Inhalation Analgesia

Hours: 12.00 | Estimated Cost: $395.00

Patient anxiety has always been a major issue in dental offices. Beginning in 2016, the state of Wisconsin granted dental hygienists the ability to administer nitrous oxide analgesia to their patients under the direction of a dentist. Gain the skills to confidently administer nitrous oxide analgesia as a Wisconsin dental hygienist. Learn about nitrous oxide benefits, its long-term safety record, best clinical practices, legal and pharmacology aspects, patient anxiety and equipment considerations.

Specialized certification in nitrous oxide administration is granted upon successful completion of the board-approved course and practice inductions through the accredited FVTC dental hygiene program. Giving this option during dental hygiene care enhances the delivery of patient care, resulting in a satisfied patient experience. Consequently, patients return for ongoing care and improved oral health will be appreciated by both the patient and dental providers.

Additional Information

Learn About
  • Benefits of nitrous oxide analgesia
  • Long term safety record of nitrous oxide
  • Best clinical practices and legal aspects for nitrous oxide inhalation in Wisconsin
  • Pharmacology of nitrous oxide
  • Physiological and psychological aspects of anxiety
  • Contraindications for nitrous oxide inhalation analgesia
  • Nitrous oxide equipment and troubleshooting problems
Benefits & Outcomes
  • Increased patient comfort during procedures
  • Safe and effective
  • Short recovery time
  • Easy to administer
Event Agenda

7:30 am: Check-in & Submission of Required Paperwork for Participation

8:00 am: Lecture

10:00 am: Break

10:15 am: Equipment/Safety

11:00 am: Lecture

12:00 pm: Lunch on your own

12:30 pm: Medical Emergencies & Equipment Demonstration/Set-up stations

1:30 pm: Step-by-step Induction Video

2:00 pm: Inductions (3) per participant

4:30 pm: Written Exam Grading

4:55 pm: Wrap-up: State Paperwork & Course Completion Certificates

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