Fox Cities Operational Excellence Association

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The **complimentary** Fox Cities Operational Excellence Association (FCOEA) is committed to helping its members strengthen their business and community through knowledge sharing and networking. Our primary focus will be on the strategy and tools of Lean Six Sigma and their application for competitive advantage and success.

Key objectives of this group are to increase Lean Six Sigma effectiveness through knowledge sharing and networking. Join us for presentations, round table discussions on specific topics; sharing of ideas, resources, lessons learned and frustrations; demonstrations of practical examples vs. theoretical answers; inspiring innovation and transformation results.

**Interested in presenting at an upcoming meeting?**

We're always looking for presenters. [Email us](mailto: with your topic and a short description of your presentation.

    Additional Information

  • Learn About
    • Lean as a systematic approach to eliminating waste
    • How to achieve a lean environment
    • Best practices
  • Details

    *Introducing a Virtual Approach to Fox Cities Operational Excellence Association*

    **Fox Cities Operational Excellence Presents Lean Coffee**

    Lean Coffee is a structured, but agenda-less meeting. Participants gather and cooperatively build an agenda. This virtual session will focus on the real-time interests and questions around Lean and Continuous Improvement. It's a chance to tap into the experience, knowledge and ideas of the other professionals.


    • All voices are heard; not one person is dominating the conversation
    • Networking opportunities
    • Enhanced lean learning and development
    • Ideas on how to make improvements at your organization
  • Outline


    **1. Create a simple Personal Kanban**

    - To discuss

    - Discussing

    - Discussed

    **2. Brainstorm topics: One topic per post-it**

    - Topic A

    - Topic B

    - Topic C

    **3. Pitch your topic(s)**

    - 1-2 sentences per topic, be concise

    **4. Prioritize what to discuss**

    - Dot vote, 2 - 3 dots per person, multiple dots on a topic ok

    - Order topics by number of votes

    **5. Manage flow of conversation**

    - Decide topic discussion, length 5-15 minutes

    - At end of time, signal silent vote on topic

    **6. Discuss!**

    - Pull first topic into discussing

    - When complete, move into discussed

    **7. Lock in the learning**

    - My takeaway, take notes during discussion

  • Target Audience

    The session is open to anyone that practices Lean/Continuous Improvement as a part of their job.


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