Lean Leadership Series: Building a Lean Management System

Hours: 18.00 | Estimated Cost: $495.00

Developing a Lean Management System (LMS) requires the coordination of various continuous improvement concepts. Participants will understand and develop a comprehensive plan for implementing improvement initiatives, support a culture of problem solving and improvement and utilize the tools in a consistent and measurable way.

LMS is a model where management-by-process is a key element and coaching is an expectation of a leader's core job function. In this series, participants will learn how to implement LMS methodologies to improve the flow of information from the front-line employees to senior leaders and back. A well deployed system builds engagement of all employees in process improvement and improves the number one challenge most organizations face – communication.

    Additional Information

  • Learn About
    • Developing & communicating true north
    • Implementing and supporting standard work
    • Managing with visual systems
    • Coaching and accountability
    • Problem solving for daily improvement

  • Benefits & Outcomes
    • Understand basic continuous improvement concepts
    • Create a culture of problem solvers
    • Increase engagement with your employees
    • Increase productivity for your organization


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