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Weld Symbols

Hours: 27.00 | Estimated Cost: $995.00

The ability to read and understand weld symbols is very important. In this seminar, learn how to interpret detailed weld symbols using the American Welding Society standard. We'll review a variety of joints, weld types and styles while learning the meaning and interpretation of symbols.

Additional Information

Learn About
  • Basic joint designs and simple weld types by name and shape
  • Joint and groove style combinations by name and shape
  • Locating and describing common parts of fillet and groove welds by name
  • The basic elements of a welding symbol
  • The meaning and use of each element of a welding symbol
  • Naming and interpreting non-preferred weld symbols
Benefits & Outcomes
  • Develop consistency in the application of welding symbols and accurate interpretation leading to the development of a standard for these activities
  • Properly interpret and apply welding symbols to control the welding of a particular joint
  • Interpret welding symbols to insure the correct weld is being applied, the joint is prepared properly and the weld is placed in the right spot, right sequence, right dimension, etc
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