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Finance Your Business, the Right Way

Hours: 36.00 | Estimated Cost: $399.00

Give yourself permission and time to fully understand your business financials and make better decisions. Join a group of fellow entrepreneurs, small business owners, CPA's and a former financial institution president in this 4-part workshop series. Discover how to recieve a loan or the investment you need in order to launch your startup or grow your small business. You'll learn why writing a professional proposal for financing instead of sharing an "idea," leads to the outcome you want.

Leave this series understanding how to manage the five key ratios of any business: leverage ratio, debt service coverage ratio and working capital ratios. Working capital ratios include: accounts receivable turnover, accounts payable turnover and inventory turnover. Get your startup or small business funded and learn how to Manage Your Banking Relationship, Don't Be Managed By It®. Be immersed in the options for improving your cash flow to ensure profitable operations and access to the capital your business needs.

This workshop series is for startup and growth companies in all life stages and within all industries.

Additional Information

Learn About
  • The lender concept, use of a risk rating and what makes a good rating vs a poor one
  • How daily business decisions create the cash flow of business
  • Ways to create better short-term and long-term cash flow
  • Successful techniques to negotiate with lenders and how to choose the right lender for you and your business
  • The value and benefits of projections supported with written assumptions
  • Developing an action plan to get funding
  • Submitting your financial request by presenting to a panel of lenders for feedback and insight
Benefits & Outcomes
  • Receive access to the information and tools needed to develop a professional loan application for lenders
  • Gain insight as to how to be a solid loan client for a lender
  • Collaborate with other startups and business owners and be introduced to new ideas and receive constructive feedback
  • Make connections to local lenders and financial resources
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