QuickBooks Level 2

Hours: 6.00 | Estimated Cost: $195.00

Elaborate on how to customize forms, create and modify reports, track and pay sales tax. Learn to use new and advanced features in QuickBooks 2019. Prerequisite: ‘QuickBooks 2019-Level 1’ or equivalent knowledge and experience is recommended.

    Additional Information

  • Learn About
    • Memorizing transactions
    • Customizing forms
    • Using other QuickBooks accounts
    • Creating reports and graphs
    • Tracking and paying sales tax
    • Doing payroll with QuickBooks

  • Benefits & Outcomes
    • Manage your organization's financials easily and successfully by streamlining the bookkeeping process
    • Increase your skill set when it comes to accounting, boost your ability to run a business effectively and learn to better utilize the QuickBooks software

  • Training Outline

    **Memorizing Transactions**

    • Entering a New Memorized Transaction
    • Editing a Memorized Transaction
    • Deleting a Memorized Transaction
    • Grouping Memorized Transactions
    • Using a Memorized Transaction
    • Printing the Memorized Transaction List

    **Customizing Forms**

    • Creating a Custom Template
    • Modifying a Template
    • Printing Forms

    **Using Other QuickBooks Accounts**

    • Other QuickBooks Account Types
    • Working with Credit Card Transactions
    • Working with Fixed Assets
    • Working with Long-Term Liability Accounts
    • Using the Loan Manager

    **Creating Reports**

    • Working with QuickReports
    • Working with Preset Reports
    • Sharing Reports
    • Exporting Reports to Microsoft Excel
    • Printing Reports

    **Creating Graphs**

    • Creating QuickInsight Graphs
    • Using QuickZoom with Graphs
    • Working with the Sales Graph
    • Customizing Graphs
    • Printing Graphs

    **Tracking and Paying Sales Tax**

    • Using Sales Tax in QuickBooks
    • Setting Up Tax Rates and Agencies
    • Indicating Who and What Gets Taxed
    • Applying Tax to Each Sale
    • Determining What You Owe
    • Paying Your Tax Agencies

    **Preparing Payroll with QuickBooks**

    • Using Payroll Tracking
    • Setting Up for Payroll
    • Setting Up Employee Payroll Information
    • Setting Up a Payroll Schedule
    • Writing a Payroll Check
    • Printing Paycheck Stubs
    • Tracking Your Tax Liabilities
    • Paying Payroll Taxes
    • Preparing Payroll Tax Forms

    **Online Banking**

    • Setting up the Internet Connection
    • Setting up Bank Feeds for Accounts
    • Viewing, Downloading and Adding Transactions
    • Creating Online Payments
    • Transferring Funds Online
    • Canceling Online Payments

    **Managing Company Files**

    • Multi-User Mode
    • Setting up Users and Passwords
    • Setting a Closing Date
    • Sharing Files with an Accountant
    • Updating QuickBooks
    • Backing up and Restoring the Company Files

    **Estimating, Time Tracking and Job Costing**

    • Creating Job Estimates
    • Creating an Invoice from an Estimate
    • Displaying Reports for Estimates
    • Updating the Job Status
    • Tracking Time
    • Displaying Reports for Time Tracking
    • Tracking Vehicle Mileage
    • Displaying Vehicle Mileage Reports
    • Displaying Other Job Reports

    **Writing Letters**

    • Using the Letter and Envelopes Wizard
    • Customizing Letter Templates


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