Personal & Workplace Leadership Certificate: A 4-Module Series

Hours: 16.00 | Estimated Cost: $775.00

**Build** leadership capability. **Improve** personal performance. **Elevate** your leadership to the next level. Unlike a one-size-fits all leadership series, this four-part series delivers personalized learning and one-on-one coaching that focuses on key areas critical to a leader’s success and participants. Participants work with a trained coach to develop a personal action plan using 360° feedback and applied development goals. The certificate series includes 2 hours of coaching and 4 leadership development modules: ‘Building Trust in Leadership’ • ‘Developing Your Personal Leadership Style Using Myers-Briggs’ • ‘ Coaching and Feedback’ • ‘Managing the Generation Mix and Difficult Behaviors’.

    Additional Information

  • Learn About
    * Ways to build leadership capability
    * Improving personal performance
    * Strategies to elevate leadership to the next level
  • Benefits & Outcomes
    * Class size limited to ten (10) participants for accelerated, focused results
    * Use 360 degree feedback and applied development goals
    * Work with a trained coach to develop personal action plan
    * Two hours of one-on-one personalized coaching per participant
  • Module Options
    **Module 1:** Building Trust in Leadership
    * Identify strategies to build trust in your team
    * Assess your leadership and gain powerful personal insight about your growth opportunities
    **Module 2:** Developing Your Personal Leadership Style Using Myers-Briggs
    * Learn 16 personality types and how to lead them
    * Develop a personalized plan to become an effective leader
    **Module 3:** Coaching and Feedback
    * Giving negative feedback constructively
    * Coaching to empower others
    **Module 4:** Managing the Generation Mix and Difficult Behaviors
    * Brainstorm difficult workplace behaviors and strategies to address them
    * Learn approaches for working and coaching different generations in the workplace
  • Target Audience
    Designed for experienced managers and leaders who'd like to invest in their leadership capabilities.
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