Managing the Generation Mix and Difficult Behaviors

Hours: 4.00 | Estimated Cost: $205.00

‘My job would be great if it weren't for the people stuff!’ Leaders get things done through people and, yet, some of the difficult behaviors are the biggest obstacles to results. We'll brainstorm the difficult behaviors you are facing, from employees, clients or bosses, and identify strategies to cure or cope with the behavior so you can get on with getting your job done. Strategies for coaching different generations are also discussed.
This is part of the [Personal and Workplace Leadership Certificate: A 4-module Series](

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  • Learn About
    * Different types of difficult behaviors
    * Reasons why people behave with difficulty
    * Strategies you can use to cope or cure the behavior
    * Approaches for working with different generations in the workplace
  • Benefits & Outcomes
    * Identify strategies to cure or cope with difficult behaviors to achieve your goals
    * Identify strategies for coaching different generations for effective results
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