Communication and the Customer Experience

Hours: 3.00 | Estimated Cost: $159.00

What is amazing service? How is it different from service that is good or great? Explore the concept of amazing service with the goal of providing an improved customer experience for your organization. Examine what it means to deliver +1’s, going above and beyond what is minimally expected by our customers, to create an amazing experience. We’ll also look at the critical communication components necessary in every customer interaction and discuss the importance of each. The seminar will devote some time to handling difficult and challenging customers.

    Additional Information

  • Learn About
    * Going above and beyond what is minimally expected
    * Creating an amazing experience for customers
    * Critical communication components and their importance
    * Handling the difficult and challenging customers
    * Working with difficult customers and the tools to use
  • Benefits & Outcomes
    * Provide improved customer service in your organization
    * Create a positive and professional atmosphere within your organization
    * Tools to use for working with difficult customers
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