Trainer Coordinator Certificate Series

Hours: 18.00 | Estimated Cost: $675.00

Are you responsible for organizing on-the-job training and designated trainers? If so, the Training Coordinators Certificate series was designed for you. This multi-day format identifies the basics of effective trainers and organizing and documenting training plans.  The interactive session on training ‘design’ provides the background to create a training plan focused on participant needs.
Each session is packed with training tools and opportunities to practice new skills. The Train-the-Trainer Coordinator series is for those who develop training materials and processes for on-the-job training.

    Additional Information

  • Learn About
    * Different characteristics of effective designated trainers
    * Accommodating adult learning styles and different generations
    * Effective communication including nonverbals and questioning techniques
    * A six-step process for training one-on-one
    * Criteria for good training plans
    * Documentation strategies
    * Facilitating buy-in from others
  • Benefits & Outcomes
    * Formalize your training position to create a training plan
    * Identify basics to be able to coach designated trainers
    * Create strategies to organize and document training processes
  • Training Outline
    **Basics of Effective Trainers**
    * Characteristics of a good trainer
    * Accommodating learning styles
    * Communication
    * Training strategies for on-the-job training
    * Dealing with prickly participants
    **Organizing and Documenting Training Plans**
    * Six disciplines of breakthrough learning
    * Training plans and documentation
    * Conducting needs assessments
    * Employing accelerated/interactive learning
    * Developing and using effective visual aids
    * Types of assessment
    * Facilitating buy-in
    * Training resources
    * Action plan letter
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