Basic Locksmithing

Hours: 40.00 | Estimated Cost: $1,300.00

Learn essential locksmith skills in this comprehensive 5-day course.  Locksmiths and security professionals play an integral role in safeguarding businesses and homes.  Security professionals and those responsible for installation and maintenance of security hardware must understand lock principles and the strengths and weaknesses of mechanical and electronic locking devices.
This hands-on training is taught by a Certified Master Locksmith and is designed to provide the participant with a solid understanding of popular locking devices and the knowledge and skills to properly specify and service them.  It is essential training for security and maintenance personnel tasked with providing, servicing and maintaining the locks, hardware, and key systems for facilities.
Participants work with a wide array of key machines, tools and service equipment to install, service, and rekey a broad selection of residential and commercial locks.

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  • Learn About
    * Servicing and installing popular door locks
    * Opening locks with picks and specialty tools
    * Emergency bypass techniques
    * Master keying and master key systems
    * Identifying and duplicating keys
    * Servicing pin and disc tumbler cylinders
    * Rekeying lock cylinders
    * High Security Locks
    * Originating keys by code
    * Servicing and adjusting key machines
    * Best practices and record keeping
    * Life safety codes
  • Benefits & Outcomes
    * Ideal for facilities / property managers and security personnel
    * Hands-on sessions ensure that you understand and can perform the skills
    * Industry-recognized trainer can adapt subject matter to your needs
    * Additional training available to build on these topics
  • Target Audience
    Ideal for building engineers, facilities/property managers, and those considering a locksmith career.
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