E-seed Express: Entrepreneurship Training

Hours: 30.00 | Estimated Cost: $399.00

Thinking of starting a business? Need help? E-seed™ Express assists start-up, early-stage entrepreneurs and experienced small business owners in developing management and planning tools for their businesses. Participants develop a business plan through completion of weekly activities and business planning templates. Experts from the small business and entrepreneurial community provide insight into legal, management, marketing, technology, accounting and financing aspects of operating a successful small business.

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  • Learn About
    * Small business ownership—Is it right for you?
    * Identifying and analyzing your industry, competition and market
    * Legal issues facing business owners
    * Bookkeeping and accounting systems
    * Networking with other peers, small business owners, entrepreneurs and business leaders
  • Benefits & Outcomes
    * Develop a business plan to guide the launch of your new business
    * Cultivate and grow your customer and resource networks
    * Receive one-on-one support and coaching inside and outside of each session
    * Gain insight from guest expert speakers
  • Details
    Immerse yourself in acquiring the skills you need to succeed! E-seed Express is designed for you to learn the better art of small business and entrepreneur management, while you develop your network, create your business plan and build your business. More than 600 people are owners of new and growing successful businesses today because E-seed Express equipped them with the tools, knowledge and confidence they needed. Register now for the next cohort. Cohorts are limited to 12 people.
  • Training Outline
    Each virtual, instructor-led, session is 3-hours and includes an expert, guest, speaker. Here is the topic focus for each session:
    * **Session 1:** Introduction
    * **Session 2:** Concept Kick Start
    * **Session 3:** Business Basics and Building a Team
    * **Session 4:** Market Analysis
    * **Session 5:** Marketing Strategy with BONUS SESSION- Marketing Strategy: THE WEB
    * **Session 6:** Basic Numbers: Part 1
    * **Session 7:** Basic Numbers: Part Two
    * **Session 8:** Getting Financed
    * **Session 9:** Cash and Taxes
    * **Session 10:** Plans and Pitches
  • Requirements
    **Hardware Requirements:**
    * This course can be taken on either a PC or Mac
    **Software Requirements:**
    * PC: Windows XP or later
    * Mac: OS X Snow Leopard 10.6 or later
    * Browser: The latest version of Google Chrome is preferred
    * LivePlan: You will be provided access to LivePlan during Session One
    * Adobe Acrobat Reader. [Click here](https://get.adobe.com/reader/) to download the Acrobat Reader
    * Software must be installed and fully operational before the course begins
    * Email capabilities and access to a personal email account
  • Instructional material requirements
    The instructional materials required for this series are included with registration/enrollment. The following textbooks are highly recommended for your use during the E-seed Express Series. It is highly suggested you purchase these books before beginning of the E-seed Express Series.
    * 'Lean Business Planning', by: Tim Berry
    * '3 Weeks to Startup: A High Speed Guide to Starting a Business', by: Tim Berry and Sabrina Parsons  
    * 'The Art of the Start 2.0', by: Guy Kawasaki
  • Tips for Success
    You should have basic keyboarding and computer skills and be comfortable navigating the Internet. You must also use a word-processing computer program (Microsoft Word is recommended) and have email capabilities. This series is intended for anyone interested in developing their startup and small business management skills, whether you want to start your own business or gain a better understanding of how to operate an established business.
  • Instructors
    The E-seed Express instructors/facilitators are successful, experienced, small business owners who are operating their businesses and are adjunct faculty with the Fox Valley Technical College Venture Center. They are passionate about helping you learn what you need to in order to take the next step. They are committed to helping you get connected and act. They are skilled business operators with impressive networks. They will empower you to succeed with your business. [Click here](https://www.fvtc.edu/Training-Services/Business-Industry-Services/Venture-Center/Meet-Our-Team) to meet our team.
  • FAQs
    **Can I register for E-seed Express if I am an international student?**
    Yes, E-seed Express is delivered virtually, so anyone, anywhere, can join us.
    **Does this course prepare for a certification?**
    **When can I start the series?**
    You can register for the E-seed Express Series that works best for you. [Click here](https://www.fvtc.edu/apps/MyTraining/Public/FindAClass.aspx?title=E-seed+Express%3a+Entrepreneurship+Training) for current dates.
    **How long does it take to complete this series?**
    E-seed Express is delivered over 10 weeks. You will meet one evening, each week. Each session is 3 hours. You will have access to the E-seed Express materials, resources and LivePlan for 6 months.
    **What if I don't have enough time to complete E-seed Express within the time frame provided?**
    You will be provided all the tools, resources and even, one-on-one assistance, from your instructor, to help you successfully complete the E-seed Express Series. If you don't complete it, you are able to register and enroll to experience it again.
    **What kind of support will I receive?**
    You will receive one-on-one assistance from your instructor/facilitator as needed, during your E-seed Express Series. You will also be able to connect with and access insight from the expert guest speakers who join us for each session.
    **What happens when I complete the series?**
    Upon successful completion of the E-seed Express Series you will be awarded a Certificate of Completion.
    **Can I get financial assistance?**
    This course is non-credit, so it does not qualify for federal aid, FAFSA and Pell Grant.
    **How can I get more information about this course?**
    If you have questions that are not answered on our website, you can also call us at 920-735-4798 during regular business hours to have your questions promptly answered. If you are visiting us during non-business hours, please send us a question using the "Contact Us" form.
  • Reviews
    *"What I liked most about E-seed Express getting a ton of direction, support and feedback for building a successful business plan. Amy is awesome, very informative and helpful. It was very useful learning from experts who are currently operating their own businesses."*
    - Seminar Participant, 2020
    *"E-seed Express surrounded me with positivity, encouragement and a great overview of starting my own business."*
    - Seminar Participant, 2019
    *"The information I received and guest speakers were great. Excellent knowledge from the instructors! I appreciate the ability to work through the curriculum at my own speed and to learn so much about the industry I am planning to enter."*
    - Seminar Participant, 2019
    *"Every session stayed focused and provided great information. E-seed Express re-energized my business ideas and hanging around with other entrepreneurs really helped me move things forward."*
    - Seminar Participant, 2019
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