Essential Grammar for Professional Workplace Writing

Hours: 3.00 | Estimated Cost: $159.00

Successful written communication requires a strong command of language, including the types of phrasing and sentence structures that are problematic for many people. This seminar is not a review of English 101, but rather, we’ll focus only on the subtle grammar errors that invade our written communication. Specifically, we’ll address subject-verb agreement problems, learn how to avoid vague and faulty pronoun references, and eliminate redundancies.

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  • Learn About
    * Matching singular or plural subjects with appropriate verb forms
    * Identifying the correct verb form to be used with indefinite pronouns
    * Omitting prepositional phrases when proofreading to ensure correct grammar
    * Eliminating redundant adjectives, adverbs and phrases
  • Benefits & Outcomes
    * Explain the different uses of commonly misused and confused words
    * Demonstrate correct use of punctuation
    * Write in complete sentences and thoughts with the goal of using complete sentences 
    whenever possible
    * Explain how to structure email communication in a manner that is concise and organizes thoughts into separate paragraphs