Workplace Leadership Certificate: Advanced 4 part Series

Hours: 12.00 | Estimated Cost: $695.00

**Accelerate** leadership effectiveness. **Improve** critical thinking. **Elevate** team interaction. **Increase** self-awareness. As your leadership challenges change, renewing your skills is a priority to stay relevant and effective. This advanced 4-part series is your chance to reflect, refocus and renew your skills so you become a more effective leader. Work with a trained coach to develop a renewed action plan using 360° feedback and applied development goals. Leave with a clear path of how to continue your leadership development and inspire the people you lead. The certificate series includes 2 hours of one-on-one coaching and 4 leadership development modules: • ‘Leading without Drama’ • ‘Managing Multiple Priorities’ • ‘Advanced Myers-Briggs’ • ‘Performance Discussions: Effective One-on-Ones’. Prerequisite: Completion of the [Personal & Workplace Leadership Certificate: A 4-module Series]( or equivalent training and/or experience.

    Additional Information

  • Learn About
    • Ways to build leadership effectiveness
    • Improving critical thinking and problem solving skills
    • Strategies to elevate team interaction
    • Increasing your self-awareness
    • Renewing your leadership development plan

  • Benefits & Outcomes
    • Class size limited to ten (10) participants for accelerated, focused results
    • Use 360 degree feedback and applied development goals
    • Work with a trained coach to develop personal action plan
    • Two hours of one-on-one personalized coaching per participant

  • Module Options

    **Module 1:** Leading without Drama

    • Identify the factors creating drama in the workplace
    • Practice strategies for deflating drama

    **Module 2:** Managing Multiple Priorities

    • Conduct an analysis of current time management
    • Develop a personalized strategy to manage time and priorities

    **Module 3:** Advanced Myers-Briggs

    • Value your strengths and become aware of the strengths of various types
    • Create a strategy for better communication and effective problem solving

    **Module 4:** Performance Discussions: Effective One-on-Ones

    • Identify characteristics needed for effective performance discussions
    • Practice an effective one-on-one discussion