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Organizational Leadership, Advanced

20-196-2 Certificate (C) 18 Credits Not Financial Aid Eligible Location*: Appleton

*Some general education courses may be available at multiple locations.

Take your leadership skills to the next level with this certificate. Find out what it takes to manage people in today’s organizations. In this program you’ll learn how to control costs, develop budgets and train employees. You’ll also develop the writing skills you need to communicate effectively in a manager role.


Course Title
Course Number
Cost Controls and Budgeting
Examines how financial information is interpreted and applied by supervisors/managers in planning and controlling business activities. This managerial accounting course emphasizes the budgeting process.
Employee Training and Development
Identifies training and development skills through practice and skill-building activities. This course focuses on the role of training in the development of facilitation skills, using recognized training methods, and evaluating learning and training processes.
Written Communication
Teaches the writing process which includes prewriting, drafting and revising. Through writing assignments, students analyze audience and purpose, research and organize ideas, and format and design documents based on subject matter and content. Class sessions and assignments involve giving oral presentations and using computers.
Prereq: ACCPL Reading >= 54 & Sentence >= 83 OR ACT (Read/Sent) >= 18 OR Program Prep OR Not pursuing a degree. Personal/prof dev students who have not taken ACCUPLACER or ACT must consult with instructor.
Math w Business Apps
Covers real numbers, basic operations, linear equations, proportions with one variable, percents, simple interest, compound interest, annuities, applying math concepts to the purchasing/buying process, applying math concepts to the selling process, and basic statistics with business/consumer applications.
Prereq: ACCPL Arithmetic >= 65 OR ACT Math >= 18 OR Program Prep OR Not pursuing a degree. Personal/prof dev students who have not taken ACCUPLACER or ACT must consult with instructor at the first class.

Select a total of 6 credits from these options

Introduction to Six Sigma
Explores the basic concepts needed to implement a Six Sigma approach in an organization. Major course topics include Six Sigma definition; impact of quality on cost, project selection, and definition; and process performance measures and Six Sigma roles.
Marketing 1, Principles of
Introduces modern marketing practices. The course examines the role played by marketing in society and covers consumer motivation, market segmentation, product development, advertising and channels of distribution.
Lean Tools
Introduces useful tools to use when implementing Lean in your organization. Major course topics include team building, lean tools and project management.
Labor Relations
Focuses on labor organizations and relationships with management, government agencies and other organizations. Covers contract negotiations, the grievance process, arbitration preparation and labor laws.
Safety, Principles of
Explains the supervisor's role in developing and implementing safety procedures and accident prevention programs in all types of work environments. It includes ergonomics, office safety, health care costs and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards.
Problem Solving
Presents basic problem-solving techniques. Emphasizes the importance of identifying the real problem, identifying the causes, looking at alternative solutions, arriving at a solution and following up to ensure implementation.
Business, Introduction to
Provides an overview of the variety of activities in the world of business. It focuses on the responsibilities connected with operating a business from both organizational and managerial viewpoints. It also examines the role of government in business.
Management Development Field Study
Provides an opportunity for students to participate in an in-depth study/work experience specific to the Management Development program. All projects, study topics and work experience will be approved and evaluated by the course instructor.


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