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Network Infrastructure

20-150-5 Certificate (C) 12 Credits Not Financial Aid Eligible Location*: Appleton

*Some general education courses may be available at multiple locations.

Build your portfolio of professional skills by learning how to design, implement and support a variety of computer networks. Your training will give you a solid base of knowledge in network cabling and hardware technologies, along with hands-on experience with voice, video and data applications. You’ll also learn about wireless networking configurations, standards and security.


Course Title
Course Number
Advanced Network Hardware Technologies
Covers advanced networking topics including how routing tables are created, configuring static routes, implementing a classless IP addressing scheme, and configuring RIPv1, RIPv2, single area OSPF, and EIGRP operations in a small routed network. Includes considerable hands-on learning activities and helps prepare learner for the Cisco CCNA exam.
Prerequisite: Network Hardware Technologies (10-150-116)
Network Hardware Technologies
Covers networking topics including the OSI model, local area and wide area networking. Also focuses on assigning network addresses and configuring network devices including Cisco routers and switches. Includes considerable hands-on learning activities and helps prepare learner for the Cisco CCNA exam.
Wireless Networking
Covers how wireless devices connect to networks, wireless device configurations, standards and security. Wireless networking is one of the fastest growing areas of technology available today. Considerable hands-on learning is included.
Prerequisite: Network Hardware Technologies (10-150-116)
Network Cabling
Examines structured premises cabling systems, industry standards, media characteristics, connectors, transmission, electrical concepts, safety, pulling and terminating cable, and testing cable.
IP (Internet Protocol) Telephony
Presents the orientation and foundation for installing, configuring and maintaining IP (Internet Protocol) telephony solutions. Hands-on labs using Avaya and Cisco equipment help the learner work through real world voice, video and data applications to enhance personal and professional confidence with IP telephony networks.
Prerequisite: Network Hardware Technologies (10-150-116)

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