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20-504-22 Certificate (C) 17 Credits Not Financial Aid Eligible Location*: Online

*Some general education courses may be available at multiple locations.

Security specialists help businesses protect their assets and reduce loss. Learn about the types of crime that affect businesses, as well as the protection of people and business assets in the workplace. Your study will include information about both physical and electronic security equipment and applications. You’ll also learn how to analyze risk and make recommendations to address vulnerabilities. With this training, you’ll be ready to start your career in security.


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Security Survey Applications
Designed to examine the security and risk management applications of a business entity and how they interrelate. Students will be exposed to the analysis of risk and the principles of security surveys, emergency management, business continuity, and concluding with the planning and management of physical security installations.
Prerequisite: Enrolled in Emergency Preparedness Specialist certificate or any Criminal Justice-related ITS degree; Corequisite: Crime Prevention Principles (10504203)
Physical Security Applications
Studies the applications of all forms of physical security equipment used in the security profession. Areas of concentration include security lighting, barriers, security design, locks, entry control, cargo security, guard forces and the integration of these forms.
Electronic Security Applications
Studies the applications of all forms of electronic equipment used in the security profession. Areas of concentration include interior and exterior intrusion sensors, video, access control, contamination sensors, personnel screening devices, voice and data communications, and the integration of such equipment.
Prerequisite: Enrolled in any Criminal Justice-related ITS degree OR Corequisite: Crime Prevention Principles (10-504-203)
Security Life Safety
Learn those life safety issues that affect physical security hardware recommendations. Apply those principles to settings in the business world as they relate to current and recommended physical security hardware. Students will visit business establishments to view and identify related instructional units.
Asset Protection, Principles of
Studies issues relating to workplace violence, sexual harassment, employee theft, computer security, consumer fraud, business disaster recovery, substance abuse, negligent hiring and other relevant issues.
Crime Prevention Principles
This course explores ways to protect personal items. In this course students will understand the different types of glazing materials, environmental design, principles of lighting, how to conduct a building survey, hold community meetings and continue to educate the public.
Prerequisite: Writing Reports (10504205)

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