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What if we could remove financial barriers for every hard-working high school senior who wanted to go to college? Think of all the career possibilities that would be available to you.

We’re pleased to announce the FVTC Promise scholarships, a program designed to bring a college education within the reach of those who could not otherwise afford it. The best part? It’s available at NO COST to you.

How It Works

Under the FVTC Promise scholarships program, every eligible incoming high school student in the Fox Valley Technical College district can earn an associate degree or technical diploma at FVTC if they maintain solid grades, live in the FVTC district or graduate from a high school in the district, are eligible for federal financial aid, and provide service to their community

Through the generosity of donors to the FVTC Foundation, Inc., the FVTC Promise scholarships will pay tuition, fees, textbook costs, and required materials and supplies, after federal and state grants and scholarships have been applied. This is available to eligible students for up to six consecutive semesters (minimum 12 credits, and up to 15 credits each semester; does not include summer semester).

How to get started

  1. Select an FVTC career program. Not sure what program is right for you? We can help. Talk with your high school counselor or check out these resources.

  2. Apply for admission to Fox Valley Technical College. You can do this when an FVTC representative visits your school, online or by visiting any Fox Valley Tech location.

  3. Apply for financial aid (FAFSA).

Once all three steps have been completed by March 1, 2018, we’ll do the rest to determine your eligibility for the Promise scholarships and more than 50 other scholarships that are available for incoming high school seniors.

Why Fox Valley Tech?

The potential impact of the FVTC Promise is significant because of the number of high school students in our service district who live at or below the poverty level. For many of these students, the FVTC Promise can turn the dream of a college education into reality.

By 2018, 67% of jobs will require some post-secondary education.

FVTC offers over 100 associate degrees and technical diplomas in high demand and emerging industries that are vital to our community.

Fox Valley Tech grads get jobs. Six months after graduation, the average starting salary of a 2015 FVTC graduate is $36,196 a year, with an average salary increase of 40% over 5 years. We have a high graduate employment rate of 94%, and 59 of our degree and diploma programs have 100% graduate employment.

Students who are interested in pursuing a bachelor's degree can benefit from FVTC's partnerships with four-year colleges and universities that allow for the seamless transfer of credits.

70 programs with 100 percent graduate employment



The FVTC Promise could be your ticket to a college education.

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