Promise FAQs


What is the FAFSA completion deadline to be Promise eligible?
July 15

What is the submission deadline for the FAFSA verification checklist?
Aug. 1 

What will Promise pay for? 
Tuition, fees and books up to $15,000.

How long are Promise students eligible for funds?
Five years following their high school graduation, if all eligibility criteria is met each year.

Will Promise cover more than one program within the $15,000 limit? 

Will Promise cover programs shared with other colleges?
Yes, as long as the program is financial aid eligible at FVTC.

Does Promise cover supplies? 
Yes, it covers any required tools, uniforms or other supplies.

Does Promise cover assessment costs?  
Yes, the Assessment Center will not require payment at the time of testing. The expense will go on the Promise student’s account and that cost will be removed.

Can a Promise student take time off and be Promise eligible when they return? 
Yes, but no more than one year.

Will Promise pay for pre-application CNA expenses?
Yes, $80 for the background check, evalue and processing fees.

Does Promise pay for the EMT National Registry exam, Nursing Boards, etc.? 

Does Promise pay for summer classes?  
Yes, if the proper FAFSA is filed and the student qualifies.

Does a student have to maintain an EFC<3000 to be Promise eligible in following years?  
No. The student’s first year EFC must be <3000 and thereafter, the student’s Promise eligibility is determined based on FAFSA completion, Financial Aid eligibility (i.e. not on Financial Aid Suspension), and must meet the advisor meeting and community service requirements each semester.

Will Promise cover Study Abroad expenses?  
Promise will cover the “regular” (per credit tuition and fees), but not the “larger” activity fee (airfare, lodging, etc.).

Will Promise cover classes added after the census date? 
Yes, but if the student has received a refund, that amount will be subtracted from the Promise scholarship amount.

Will Promise cover the impacts of drops/withdrawals?  
If FVTC is required to return funds to the Federal Government, the student will be required to reimburse the college.

Are CNA, Phlebotomy, EMT and Truck Driving covered? 
Yes, these short-term, high-demand programs are covered. Admissions requirements for these programs are also covered (testing, federal medical card, drug testing, health work, CPR etc.). 


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